Dearest Kadampa Center Family and Friends,

We send our community’s warmest greetings to you and our sincere hope that you and your family are safe and healthy.

We are happy to tell you that in this extraordinary year of pandemic and closures, Kadampa Center is doing well. While we cannot meet in person, we have the karma to access technology that allows us to maintain our full range of spiritual and family programs online. Even during Geshe Gelek’s months in Argentina, he stayed connected with us through Sunday and Wednesday teachings via Zoom and YouTube.

While Kadampa Center is carefully beginning small group practices and activities at the Center, we expect many teachings and programs to be available online via Zoom and YouTube through the rest of the year. We have an amazing Spiritual Program schedule including virtual teachings with Geshe Gelek and Geshe Sangpo, Discovering Buddhism, Buddhism in a Nutshell, Meditation 101, Tara and Medicine Buddha practices, monthly guru puja and holy day observances. 

We are also looking forward to visiting teacher
Venerable George Churinoff in November!

We are also looking forward to visiting teacher
Venerable George Churinoff in November!

The Family Program engages our kids online creating animated stories of our Geshes’ lives, the Prison Project’s Pen Pal program is going strong and Outreach continues to make and deliver cloth face coverings as well as writing ‘Love Notes’ to those who may need kind and encouraging messages of love and support.

We welcome your energy to any of these projects!

Through the generously donated funds to pay off our mortgage last year and transitioning from a full-time center manager to a part-time office administrator, Kadampa Center is being more efficient in the use of your financial support. We are working toward more environmental responsibility, increasing volunteer opportunities and focusing more on our spiritual and life practices.

Not only do these steps align with our mission and vision, they also help to reduce our Center’s operating budget so we can better weather the uncertainties of samsara!

Your amazing giving supports our precious Resident Geshes, all of our programs, and keeps our beautiful building safe and in good repair for when we can meet again in person.

More profoundly, supporting Kadampa Center is a practice of generosity as told in the Dharma, the true and authentic teachings of the Buddha, manifested in the great teachers such as His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Lama Zopa Rinpoche, and in the culture of Tibet.

“If you new as I know
the benefit of sharing,
you would not let an opportunity
go by without sharing.”
~ Buddhist Teaching

This practice of generosity deepens our karmic connections to the teachings and our teachers now and in the future. Lucky us!

 We invite you to join our community in generosity this coming year to continue the causes that Kadampa Center may thrive and help all living beings find the path that leads to supreme happiness – even in the midst of a pandemic!

 With deep affection and appreciation,

Robbie Watkins,

Center Director

Sandy Carlson,

President of the Board of Directors

Kadampa Center Financials

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